plain and simple

With a simple twiste Austrian studio Marte.Marte Architects, have created a graceful bridge which crosses the Schanerloch gorge on the road that leads from the city of Dornbirn towards the hamlet of Ebnit to the south.  This simple twist, which is itself generated from the existing curve of the road creates a light and gracefull object.  As put by the architect: “The result is a concrete sculpture that might look unspectacular in plan and from the driver’s point of view,” says the studio, “but from the shore of the river winding through the gorge it unveils its compelling fascination: it playfully mimes the frozen dynamic of the mountain road and captures the dramatic place in reinforced concrete.”

What also appeals to me is that this bridge was actually completed in 2005 and in this age of being able to read, see and hear about everything as soon as it happens, it’s nice to know there are some gems out there waiting to be stumbled upon.

Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_1 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_2 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_3 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_4 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_5 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_6 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_7 Schanerloch-Bridge-by-Marte-Marte-Architects_ss_1Photography is by Marc Lins.

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