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One word which is often thrown around in Architecture is ‘Juxtaposition’, it sounds cool and not everyone really ‘gets it’ so you can sounds smart.  However in the case of this townhouse in Copenhagen the word really does ring true. Architect and photographer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects have created ‘Copenhagen Townhouse II’. Located in central Copenhagen, Denmark, close to the lakes that separate the city center from the outer suburbs. The interior is an essay in dedication to an idea and ideal, a complete juxtaposition between outside and in. 

From the outside it presents a traditional brick townhouse typical of Copenhagen’s inner city.  Four level vertical brick fasad presenting a strong austere, traditional face. The Clients  vision for their interior design contrasts dramatically to say the least.  This sense of solidity, darkness and character is counterbalanced with the sudden purity, lightness and calm that permiates the interior. The interior is somewhat of a refuge from the city, a place for calm and even reflection. As if saying please leave your issues at the door. 

all photos © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-1 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-2 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-3 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-4 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-5 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-6 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-7

To say that both the client and Architect committed to an idea and principle is an understatement.  The stark white interior is impressive.  The Architect has made every effort to incorporate everyday elements into the architecture such as storage, IT, TV and lighting design while also removing any decorative architectural details. This ethos, along with light vertical circulation elements, helps a sometimes tight environment to appear spacious and open.  It is nice to see a splash of colour in the kids room and it has an even greater impact in this strong interior.  The monochrome interior also allows a clean clear palette on which to either reflect upon and frame the views out to Copenhagen or to help present and highlight the clients selection of (danish) furniture, as much for its function as its sculptural qualities.

Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-9 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-11 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-13 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-14 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-15 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-16 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-17 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-17a Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-18 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-23 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-24 Copenhagen-Townhouse-II-25

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