Summer time

I have been meaning to put this house up here since I first saw it a while back but when I heard it won ‘House of the Year’ award at the WAN Awards 2013. I thought now was a good time! This summerhouse in Västra Lagnö was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter,and is in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. It is in fact situated on the mainland, and not on an island, which has allowed the architects to use heavier materials, helping to improve on the house’s integration into the granite rock formations and forest that surround it.

The house’s main feature is the outwardly simple gable form. Most Swedish summer houses stay very true to this archetypical form out of nostalgia and respect (and perhaps a push from the local council) but this one being made of natural concrete helps it to stand apart.

Cleaver placement of windows and openings to the ocean side and almost none facing the more public forest side ensure privacy for the residents. While at the same time drawing the visual focus is on the beautiful archipelago.

These elements, along with the elongated shape of the living room, make the house look like a boathouse in the middle of the forest. The guest house next door is completely independent, with its own kitchen and bathroom. A (very Scandinavian) sauna cottage made of a single block of cast concrete is situated next to the house’s private pier. Restrained, controlled and beautiful I think you’d agree.

photo credit: © Åke E:son Lindman.


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2 thoughts on “Summer time

  1. Love it – a house the shape of a house : )

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