everyone loves string

I came across this while ‘working’ and love the babushka-ness of Do Ho Suh’s Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home at Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The installation is made from silk threads and looks somewhat like a 3D blueprint.  There is an absolute flood of art at the moment, which to my eyes, is really boring……where if the artists is willing to sit and reapeat some fiddly repetitive task a few million times and put a frame around it then its art…..here’s an example of one I’m not a fan of, it looks ‘cool’ but just because you have some patience doesn’t make you a genius. 


 Anyway this house within a house…etc etc I find much more pleasing, at least from an architects point of view, as it looks remarkably like a 3D drawing in AutoCAD or the like.  Also the forethought and planning to building this thing would be immense.(It’s not just replacing pixels with toy soldiers). Anyway hope you like it and here is a link to the site but it’s all in Korean. 

dse_2013111110251302018918 dse_2013111110260008718108 20131111112531759157 dse_2013111110214175214958 dse_2013111110220578916717 dse_2013111110221542014900 dse_2013111110224416912861 dse_2013111110230919916003 dse_2013111110232975019461 dse_2013111110241346211298 dse_2013111110243200016276 dse_2013111110244870212746

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