light as a feather

somethings you just have to share and for me this is one of them.  Awesome collaboration between 8-bar bikes from berlin and their artisan friends.  I’ll let the video do the talking but here also here are some awesome images of the finished product.

Ucon x 8bar | The ‘federleicht’ bike collaboration from Ucon GmbH on Vimeo.

Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_9 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_1 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_2 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_3 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_4 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_5 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_6 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_7 Ucon_8bar_featherlight-bike_8


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2 thoughts on “light as a feather

  1. THAT… a work of art.

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