Oslo delights begin

So I have started a new job in Gothenburg and on the first couple of days of work we went to Oslo for a study trip and I didn’t realize the treat I was in for. So this will be the first of many Oslo architecture posts.

The Onda Restaurant on the Oslo Harbor by Alliance Arkitekter & MAPT is a great little gem of timber and glass right on the water front.  This building wasn’t on our itinerary but we were all glad that we came across it.  Sustainability took taken a key role in the design this project,  the dominating sustainable feature in the design approach was the architects’ choice of materials, selecting Kebony’s environmentally-friendly, non-toxic alternative to traditional wood products for the external sweeping facade.

The architects choice to let a single material dominate the facade gives the sweeping facade a dramatic effect.  Inserting a material that is cleverly-suited to the chilly Norwegian climes and closely linked to the pier it sits on and contrasts perfectly with the huge glass panels.

The basic form of the restaurant is split into four conical volumes which undulate down the Tingvalla Pier to the water’s edge. Each swell of the building is capped at a different slope and angle ‘to form an organic-looking exterior wave. The exterior pictures below are mine and the plans are from the MAPT site which is actually now closed!   I hope you enjoy them.

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