De Mateo Goodness

pedal&shoot has now relocated (for the last time in a while hopefully) to Gothenburg. Once we arrived the first order of the day was to find good coffee.  Coming from Melbourne and having lived in St.Kilda my coffee tracking skills are excellent and it wasn’t long before we were in the right area and hit gold on our first stop with De Mateo.  For those that have visited London, think Monmouths but with a Swedish twist. There are two cafe’s run by them in the city centre but well clear of any shopping malls.  They also have a bakery attached which ensures amazing bakery goodies and also equally amazing smells filling the austerely (simply) decorated spaces.  Needless to say I have been just a few times and have also picked up some of their ground coffee for my little Moka coffee espresso kettle at home, for when it’s -17 and your urge to head into the city is zero.  I snapped a few shots for you to check out.

Photo Credit: Evan Rees

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One thought on “De Mateo Goodness

  1. “Kaffe & Varmt” has me worried! Phonetically it doesn’t sound good. Love the beard dude! Dad really is back in fashion, beards seem to be the new black : )
    Love the candy coloured chairs and rugs & blankets everywhere – cosy!

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