Abandoned Sweden

Hey there.  sorry about my lack of posts but I’ve just started a new job and busy busy busy.  I thought I’d post some photo’s I took before winter hit here. I think a lot of people have seen photo’s of abandoned buildings online before and I think they look, or can look amazing.  So when I spotted an abandoned factory near where I used to live I headed there with my lady to check it out and have a go at capturing some of these amazing spaces.  I haven’t edited any of these at all, so apologies if they’re not as sharp as they could be but I prefer to share them like this than wait forever for me to find time to edit them.  for those interested they were taken just outside Sundsvall, Sweden.

Images Copyrighted Evan Rees

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2 thoughts on “Abandoned Sweden

  1. S0metimes we are really similar : )
    Sometimes we are not : )
    This is the former : )

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