Magic sticks

Another spy back in Melbourne has brought this amazing art/architecture installation in Melbourne’s Federation Square to my attention.  An installation called ‘Ballroom’ made entirely of willow sticks and branches by American artist Patrick Dougherty.  The sculpture is a fanciful looking stick building which can be interacted with by the public.  To me it looks like a cartoon Taj Mahal which if I was 10 or so I would love to run around and explore.  I think temporary Architecture and art installations have a special relationship with the public,  we know that it is only there for a short time so if we want to experience this we need to act now.  I believe that more people make the effort to see and experience these temporary installations as word of mouth and hype builds before its taken away.  I can’t go and play in this but I would definitely recommend checking it out or a least looking further into Patrick’s work online as there is a natural ethereal feel to his work.  It seems to bring back memories or ideas of playing in a favorite tree or cubby house, there is something warm and familiar about his installations.

Photos – Megan Cullen & Julie Renouf.
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2 thoughts on “Magic sticks

  1. WOW. Being temporary forces us to engage in the moment or lose it. This is neat work.

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