dream team

When this appeared on my facebook feed from a friend back in coffee obsessed Melbourne I had to get it up on pedal&shoot as it combines riding and coffee in the one pretty package.

Velopresso is a beautifully executed idea which I think a few of us have talked about on a Friday over a few beers.  The difference being they got off their ass and did it! For their efforts thay have already won the Deutche Bank Award (Design) and are now looking for a manufacturer to help them take it to the masses.  Worth noting is that they have really taken the natural green ethos to this project with everything human powered – no motors, no electricity and no noise, their carbon footprint should be good to go.  I’m excited and expect to see one rolling past in Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Melbourne real soon.

All imagery (c) Ivan Coleman

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2 thoughts on “dream team

  1. It’s awesome how the bike/coffee thing is slowly spreading : )

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