simply golden

If you hear a quick description of this work shop attached to a church (Münster) it would sound tacky and boring…..a gold building shaped like a cross.  But just a glance at any image of this small facility and you quicky realize it is so much more.  Planned and constructed in just six weeks, the Golden Workshop was installed to accompany an exhibition of the same theme taking place at the nearby LWL State Museum for Art and Cultural History. “Golden Glory. Medieval Treasury Art in Westphalia”, developed by the Westfalen-Lippe Regional Council, the diocese Münster and the excellence cluster “Religion and Politics” at the University of Münster. The exhibition presents some of the finest goldsmith’s work from the late medieval period in Westphalia.  The pavilions need was only whilst other construction work was under way on another area of the Museum so it only has the demands of a temporary structure.

It is comprised of four tapered wings that give the temporary pavilion a windmill-shaped plan.  Within this cross plan is a functioning metalwork foundry and a small information centre.  Ridged plates of golden copper clad the entire exterior and huge square windows at the tip of each wing provide framed views of the activities taking place inside and also of the surrounding gardens which inside.

All of the surfaces and furniture inside the pavilion are plywood, while details such as desk lamps, tabletops and door handles were picked out in black, creating simple but dynamic and durable work area.

The Münster-based architectural group “modulorbeat”, consisting of Marc Günnewig and Jan Kampshoff, was commissioned to design the pavilion.   Together with students from the Münster School of Architecture (msa). At the time of their commission, Günnewig and Kampshoff were searching for a seminar theme to teach at the school.

The small pavilion seems to be a portable, accordion-like construction that could be folded up and transported to another location at any time.  And I think you would agree a excellent mix of appropriate materials to the program and site.  Lets hope it finds a new home once the exhibition period is done.

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