If there was ever a project to put onto pedal&shoot it would be this.  It’s a little bit like the project you would give yourself in first year uni when told you can design anything!!  That being said this is no first year design!

I think this is the first un-built project I’ve put up here but know the Chinese this will be built in no time.

Holland-based NL Architects are responsible for this beautiful bit of fun, a conceptual bike pavilion for southern China.  Designed as part of a large resort in Hainan province, the bike club consists of a intriguing formal mashup: a velodrome perched atop a glass cafe/pavilion. The idea came to the architects after they had introduced the wide-brim pagoda roof to the design, the product of much research into vernacular typologies meant to accommodate and withstand the vagaries of the region’s tropical climate.  Apart from the friendly curves of its profile, the roof is proved surprisingly functional as a velodrome. Supported on a field of columns which frame the curtain-wall structure below, the roof, though a tiny version of a typical velodrome, is capable of accommodating a score of cyclists at once. This velodrome canopy protrudes over the edge of the glass wall, casting shade over the ground floor bike rental outlet and cafe, framing the twin staircases that provide access to the bowl above.  There is a distinct lack of viewing ability which is a pity……especially with such a cool set up.

I look forward to seeing the built resolution!

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