On my way back to Sweden in early August, my lovely lady suggested we go back via Amsterdam.  Amsterdam is a city that we have both been wanting to visit for a long time, the abundance of beautiful old terrace buildings lining the canals of the ‘old town’ and even more bikes lining the footpaths of those same Canals make it a dream city for Pedal&shoot.  We were staying right near Vögel park which is the closest large park to the city and was very heavily used by tourists and locals alike.  We started most of our days with a run around this park which always presented an interesting cross section of the people in Amsterdam ….other people trying to stay fit, hobo’s, tourists that had definitely taken advantage of the ‘coffee’ houses and business types heading off to work.  The one thing they have in common (apart from the Joggers) was the bike…..Everyone uses a bike to get around and more often than not, they do it in style.

We took a ‘hop-on hop-off’ canal boat ride which was a great way to see a lot of the city in a short time and also see the city in a way which is integral to the city itself.  Passing through the locks, stopping to let barges past and looking up into the amazing apartments with impossibly perfect happy looking people sitting in the open windows having a drink.  I also find walking around cities super tiring so I loved having the option to jump on a boat and let the city go past me!

When we weren’t on a boat we hired some ‘red bikes’ and had a blast navigating the bike baths.  The city is obviously set up for bikes but I was surprised that there is a whole other set of unspoken rules when on the bike paths and the locals are brutal if you don’t pay attention or suddenly stop to take a photo of the Anne Frank house.  But outside of peak hour it’s a joy to roll around this city.

I’ve included a selection of images here of some of the sights that we came across whilst wandering, floating or rolling around. A couple of the architectural highlights included the Dutch Film Museum by Delugan Meissl Associated, bearing a slight resemblance to the glimmering white Sydney Opera House, but definitely a welcome addition to the habour of Amsterdam, helping provide a secondary focal point for the city and further cementing the redevelopment of this old industrial area.  Second was ‘Pilek’ an great bar come restaurant constructed from shipping containers, not 100% original maybe but very well situated, looking back over the harbor to the old town, and well executed with a new beach and shaded areas for some respite from the sun….I could have stayed there all day! And of course the Canals and Canal houses.     Hope you like them.
Oh and really good food!!

There’s so much to see and do here I will definitely returning as soon as possible

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