Reindeer games

Sometimes a project comes along that you have to put on your blog even though you know that most people have seen it and it’s on A LOT of blogs already.  But the Norwegian Wild Reindeer observation Pavilion by Snøhetta is just too good not to share.   It’s located in the Hjerkinn on the edge of a national park in Norway.

It is suitably isolated to give a real feeling of adventure but in its own minimal way it is surprisingly comfortable (well looks it as I haven’t been there).  The centre is used for education and hikers alike.  The relatively small (90sqm) pavilion is built to last and has a ‘found material feel’ with an outer skin of raw steel and organic the inner core or filling constructed of locally sourced timbers. Ship building technology was used to fabricate the organic core which presents an external sheltered south facing respite for hikers and an interior side provides a comfy viewing area complete with suspended fire place.  For those lucky enough to have some time to stop and reindeer spot or just contemplate the rugged beauty through an uninterrupted 12m long glazed façade there could hardly be a better solution……Enjoy

Photography is by Ketil Jacobsen, and diephotodesigner 

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4 thoughts on “Reindeer games

  1. Wow! A breathtaking design, despite its seeming simplicity. Thank you for putting this on my map of places to seek out.

  2. Love it! A wave of wood – how can that not be cool!

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