St.Moritz detox

Backing up from a week and a half of solid touristing, a few nights boozing and having watched the TDF boys sweat it out.  I headed up to St Moritz with a good mate and his lady friend for a week of training and detox.  I have spent a good part of my life on the athletics track and have heard all about the training up here for many years from the guys that have actually succeeded in making a living from running.  You’ll see below that the track was right in front of our accommodation with crazy views.  If that can’t motivate you, nothing can.

In between sessions and watching the tour unfold on tv but without a bike to hand I headed out of foot to look through the village and see what was around.  As this resort has the reputation of Aspen in Europe I thought there should be some amazing Chalets.  I wasn’t disappointed, but what I wasn’t expecting to find was a futuristic, curvaceous timber clad apartment block.  I’ve since found out that this space ship looking down over the village, the Chesa Futura apartment building, was designed by non other than foster + partners which immediately explained the ultra-highend feel to the entrance area and fully glassed entry pods.  Needless to say I grabbed the camera and headed over to have a closer look and see if, in my opinion, it fitted in.  The combination of modern computer modelling based design with traditional timber construction techniques really seemed to tie this building to its surroundings.  The fantastic way that the timber has retained its warm colours on the lower sections and then gradually fades to a weathered grey on top really softens this ‘out there’ design.  You can directly see older or more traditional buildings around with the same weathering patterns.  Further the way the whole timber blob is hovering about 3m above the ground as if showing respect for the surroundings only making a connection with beautiful curved glass panels, stairs and some little legs……it’s doing it’s best to fit it but doesn’t want to disturb the ground here just yet.

There’s no denying it stands out but it’s not yelling at you even when you’re standing under the huge curved overhangs. I really liked it, what do you think?

I’ve also included shots of the more traditional Swiss Chalets you expect to see and a beautiful church with tower that was right next to the track…..with bells ringing reminding you it was time for the next session!

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3 thoughts on “St.Moritz detox

  1. BigSis on said:

    Gorgeous! I love the blobby shingle building and the old school gingerbread chalet! I’m jealous!

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