Fogo island…

The Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation commissioned Todd Saunders to design a series of six artists’ studios on various Fogo Island locations. The organization is committed to preserving the Islanders’ traditions and aims at rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture.

The results are pretty stunning I think you’d all agree.  Beautiful timber sculptures on the landscape that seem to contribute to the dramatic coastline without trying to dominate it.  The simple pallet of timbers in black stain and white paint make for dramatic spaces that each artist can make their own.

I have to admit that these look like an Architects dream project with a beautiful location, ‘green field’ sites and a brief to make creative spaces for artists in residence.  These Nordic countries have certainly got a handle on how to build functional small structures in extreme environments. I’ve been trying to show a few on pedal&shoot as it’s so different to the architecture back in Australia.

It makes me happy to see projects like these where the owners and local governments can see the benefit both in free advertising and boosting of potential tourism dollars of careful, thoughtful architectural projects.  I think that too often the red tape can stop some amazing projects, we don’t always need a huge gallery to gain attention to an area or a building, just innovative site responsive designs.

Photo credit to Saunders Architecture

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6 thoughts on “Fogo island…

  1. Greg Davies on said:

    These are sensational shots of amazing inspirational places!! Reminded me of a Danish ceramic artist living in the far north of Scotland. We have one of her floating ceramic stones, courtesy of the London connection. See

  2. BigSis on said:

    Artist’s Studios!!!! I think I’d better go & check them out and see if form & function are aligned!

    • yeh and they are super convenient too! only about 16,000km from your house. But couldn’t you imagine something amazing like this in Australia too? It could easily work….if only there was money for the arts

    • Greg Davies on said:

      O dear! I failed an art assigment on Form Follows Function [aaarrrggh!] in Form Five! Gorgeous architects and photographers extraordinaires, I am indebted to you: thank you – I begin to understand…. Pam

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