Pedal&Shoot in Zurich

The whole idea behind pedal&shoot was in full swing when I arrived in Zurich for 4 days.  With my bike shop radar on I managed to wander into Stilrad bike shop, a great shop where I spend a couple of hours talking to Alberto, the shop owner, but Stilrad gets its own post later!

Alberto put me onto the fact that the Freitag store, which is already a very cool flag ship store made from old shipping containers. Lifts its level of awesomeness by offering free bike rental, and not just single speed but fixie’s.  I couldn’t have been happier, if not somewhat surprised that they actually rented out fixed gear bikes, with no pedal straps.  Anyway I am used to it so I was a happy camper and headed out to discover Zurich and its surrounds on my Gorilla Fixie and Canon strapped to my back.

I’ve included just a selection of the images I grabbed while riding around for 3 days in Zurich.  Covering a good portion of the lakes edge, out to the north to visit MFO park (will have it’s own post shortly) and managed to just haul the grey beast up the top of the western mountain where I checked out the FIFA World Headquarters.  I wont soon forget bombing that fixie down the hill overtaking $300,000 super cars much to their disappointment!   Also in this photoset is The Dolder hotel, recently having undergone a massive expansion by Foster and Partners, it still resembles some type of Disney castle with a very nice (and expensive) addition.  The extension is sensitive to the original tones and does nestle nicely into the hillside in spite of its size.

A surprise architectural gem I sought out was the Centre Le Corbusier, a fantastic pavilion located in a public park. Designed in 1960 and constructed in 1964 , it was Le Corbusier’s last project and although only really a pavilion was a pleasure to walk around and admire.  The apparent timeless modernity of the design and detailing which still apeares  as crisp and modern as the day it was built.

While riding around the lakes edge I stumbled across an old factory which had been taken (or given by the government) over to ‘artist’. Which meant a great creative hub and a lot of graffiti, which isn’t strange in itself but it was clear that it was allowed to run it’s course here.

I hope you enjoy this selection of images from Zurich.

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2 thoughts on “Pedal&Shoot in Zurich

  1. Greg Davies on said:

    Looks like a magic place, must get there one day. The Centre LeCorbusier is extraordinary … keep up the brilliant work

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