Saluhall – Stockholms Vic Market

As you’ve probably gathered now I’m having a little trip in Europe to keep things interesting and wandering around Stockholm was the first step.  I didn’t have a tourist guide or anything like that but I have a nose for a good market having worked next to the Victoria Market in Melbourne for years.  So when I came across the Saluhall Market I knew it was lunch time.  A very old (est 1888) indoor produce market, it has strayed very little from its original setup.  Fresh fish section, baked goods, cheese, fresh and smoked meats and a café or two. It was great just wandering around this old hall taking some samples when around and just soaking up the sights and smells.  I think you’ll agree that it pretty much all makes you instantly hungry!

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9 thoughts on “Saluhall – Stockholms Vic Market

  1. Jag gillar mycket Saluhall men det är jattedyrt :-/

  2. Inga problem! (no problems).

    Always a pleasure to read another ex-pat’s viewpoint on Sweden,. where are you from originally? I am from London. I see you like the world of bicycles? Me too, that is one of my favourite things about life in Sweden:

    • yeh I’m originally from Melbourne where the bike culture is huge! so I’m bringing that with me. I’ll check your blog now. I’m only new to the expat thing (like 4 months) advice? where you based in Sweden?

  3. I am in Malmö, which despite its bad reputation is quite the charming city. I’ve been here just over a year now.

  4. Matt Brown on said:

    I was just looking at the ‘Random Stockholm’ post, and was going to post a comment about how you should have got some pictures at Saluhall…lo and behold I’m glad I didn’t! Saluhall, along with Djurgarden are my favourite places in Stockholm. The contrast you get in Djurgarden between summer and winter are absolutely brilliant.

    • I don’t think I went to Djurgarden, but I’ll be back. Yeh Salu hall was great and I only went there by mistake! just walking around without a travel guide 😉 hope you’re liking the blog matty

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