We seem to have about 1 public holiday a fortnight over here at the moment and if I wasn’t strapped for cash I’d be loving it! Wednesday just gone was Sweden’s National day.  So coming from Australia I thought I knew what was in store, BBQ’s, beers and some general shenanigans in Yellow and Blue….I assumed there would be no Swedish hottest 100…they just won Eurovision, that’s enough!

What I discovered is that none of the people I know really celebrate it.  When asked why I’m informed that it’s only been a public holiday for two or three years…I don’t know how old Sweden is but I’m pretty sure it’s more than three years.

Sundsvall, it turns out, along with Stockholm, is well known for celebrating National Day properly.  So Malin and I headed down to the city and much to her surprise there was people everywhere!  There was another classic car show, stages and performances going on and little yellow and blue flags attached to anything that stood still long enough. The weather was remarkably like Melbourne….Sunny then some rain then some sun and then cloudy and cold finished off with some sun! We made our way around looking at the Swing dancers, which Malin described as a ‘cult’, a group of 50 something line dancers that were doing very little to promote their trade and some medieval fighters (read nerds that came out for a day).  But you could feel that everyone was beginning to get the idea that….”hey this is a public holiday, lets do something fun”  ….I didn’t go to Ikea and I didn’t eat meatballs but I think I started to see a real side of Sweden.

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2 thoughts on “Nationaldag

  1. BigSis on said:

    How gorgeous is that little girls with the flag! I wanted to see you with a flag too!

    • Yeh that is Tialie the daughter of one of Malin’s friends Hannah, cool little chick with her leather jacket. I didn’t get a flag, couldn’t find who was handing them out!!

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