Swedes and their cars

Since I first came to Sweden last year I have been constantly surprised and amazed at the huge amount of classic American ‘cruising’ beasts, lovingly restored and driven, exceptionally slowly, through the towns on weekends in summer.  I find it especially amazing as they can only drive them for about 4-5 months of the year!

Yesterday there it was a ‘Culture day’ and there will be a separate post on that shortly, but part of this day in Umea was the American Car Club putting a show on.  I couldn’t go past this without getting some shots of these chromed beauties.  I’m happy with the shots but these cars weren’t too hard to shoot with wild paint jobs and enough chrome to make Chuck Norris happy!  Hope you enjoy them…

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One thought on “Swedes and their cars

  1. Ahh swoon 🙂 I need to get one of these when I have a quarter life crisis or win lotto or something

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