badges of pride

now that I have a soft spot for my old Crescent pushy that is faithfully getting me around Umea I have noticed how many vintage and old style bikes there are in Umea.  Like I mentioned before, they are the number one way of getting around here.  Some people hang onto them forever and others just have them for the time that they are here studying here. One of the great things about the older bikes is their brand badges on the front head tube.  I have been carrying my camera around trying to grab a few samples of these badges both old and new.  I love their old world styling and graphics.  I can see why these badges are making a comeback on custom bikes.

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4 thoughts on “badges of pride

  1. Greg Davies on said:

    Absolutely fascinating … but I don’t see any Malvern Stars … ???

    • BigSis on said:

      Classic Greg! This is so up my alley that it’s lined with bluestone (for now). Do the badges often get stolen – by me?

      • no no they are on so many bikes I don’t think anyone would bother. Everyone is really honest here I think. There is heaps of stuff laying around that would be stolen in a heart beat in Australia! They look awesome though hey Ceri

    • nope not too many of them over here 🙂 I’m still keeping an eye out for new ones, I can’t seem to stop looking at them now.

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