walking on water

with some time on our hands we decided to head out for a walk around the lake Nydaljasjon which is about 10min walk from our flat.  These photo’s were taken about a week ago and it has since warmed up a bit….I wouldn’t be strolling out onto the lake any time soon!  When I was last here in August this was a huge beautiful tree lined lake with little fishing boats and a floating sauna, now its an ice fishing, cross-country skiing playground. Hope you enjoy a few of the pics from our stroll.

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4 thoughts on “walking on water

  1. BigSis on said:

    Gotta love a landscape where you can walk on a lake!
    I’ve walked on the Neva (Russia) with Adam and a small pond in Denmark (which groaned under the weight of Alexandra and I) but never out to the proper middle of a lake like that – I guess it’s all in the tiing – and trusting a local!

  2. truthbetolddesign on said:

    So much snow! Love the pic with the bridge. Beats my walk through Flagstaff this morning with the crazy possums running out at me!

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