designing in the cold

….when practicing as an architect in Australia almost every time a project came across my desk for work in an alpine area there were so many design and aesthetic restrictions they may as well have used a kit ski lodge.  I understand that they are trying to create a ‘brand’ for the mountain but they are also creating a somewhat boring design pallet in some of our most interesting and dynamic environments.  I’ll get some Swedish designs up here shortly but for now have a look at this new airport building in Mestia, Georgia by  Jurgen Mayer H. Architects.  It is part of Georgia’s ambitious plans to develop tourism in Mestia. Mestia is a beautiful medieval town known for its stone defensive towers and is part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. This building was designed and constructed within 3 months! I really like it, what do you think?

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3 thoughts on “designing in the cold

  1. BigSis on said:

    That is gorgeous! To me it looks like it could move like a dislocated Rubiks Snake. Nice!

  2. Pamela Davies on said:

    love this building Ev. Pam D

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