the first step in my bike search

So as we saw a few posts back I’ve found myself a new/old bike to get me around and save me from having to catch the bus anywhere ( I absolutely hate catching the bus!).  But my Crescent, even with its retro charm, isn’t how I really want to spend my time getting around over here.  So I’ve begun my search for a new bike, a fixie and with track frame geometry.  I loved my old bike, the yellow peril, but it had almost reached the end of it’s life back in Melbourne anyway.  So being after something a bit different I’ve started my search in San Fransico, home to the fixie/courier bike Culture. I came across this small frame manufacturer whilst trawling other bike blogs – LOW bikes – They make awesome handmade aluminum track frames and provide unique finishing options for their frame and logo colours.  I love the aggressive geometry and all the great colour combinations.  They aren’t cheap but more of a problem is that there is presently an 8 month wait list for a frame!! I’m in no rush tho… and these guys are know what they’re doing…..check it out below.

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6 thoughts on “the first step in my bike search

  1. Thanks Greg, all possibilities still open!! maybe the horsey!!

  2. Shaun on said:

    Dude yes! Good frame start! Check wiggle too, they have some de rosa’s I think, which are sick! Then you got to think about components. So fun!!

  3. BigSis on said:

    I take it that this is a step “up” (or a few stories up!) from your $100 investment – I’d bet hop to it and sell you car : )

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