the sweet tast of Sweden

So as you’re probably aware food forms a big part of new experiences in any country and Sweden is no different.  My girlfriend is quite the little chef, albeit vegetarian food, but that never hurts deserts! So here are a couple of pics of some sweeties that have been made in our little flat.  Some chocolate strawberries and little chocolate treats which had raisins and sunflower seeds in them….yum as!   Of course I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in cafe’s and one especially is Shmack.  Here they have quite the hot chocolate, as you can see below. Mine was the big, hand-warmer, size cup!

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3 thoughts on “the sweet tast of Sweden

  1. BigSis on said:

    Yum! Glad to see you won’t be wasting away Ev – have one of those face cup hot chocolates for me next time : )

  2. thekimbots on said:

    Yum – I could fit my whole head in that cup! Gotta encourage Carolyn to start serving these at Freestyle!

    • Yeh you should definitely do that! the pile of mini marshmallows on top was awesome too! It could be a winter special for her and freestyle!! You been hitting up new cafe’s since I left?

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