gratis gratis….my birthday in sweden

Well I’ve only been here 2 weeks but my birthday has come around already.  I was very lucky to have letters and parcels arrive the day before and had a great breakfast and dinner with Malin. I got lots of sweet stuff but it can be the simple things that stand out.  Amongst other things Malin gave me these little chocolates, very graphic and very yum.  They say ‘you are the best’ ….Who m I to argue with the Chocolate

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4 thoughts on “gratis gratis….my birthday in sweden

  1. Grattis pa fodelsedagen! (btw, gratis with one “t” means “free,” instead of “congrats” – I confused them too!) och Valkommen till Sverige!

  2. Hey, Yeh I had that little spelling mishap pointed out after posting…..ah well I’ll get there

  3. thekimbots on said:

    Cool packaging. Happy birthday Ev!

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