my new (old) Steed

So as the blog title suggests I love all things bike & the culture & community they can create around them.  Here in the University city of Umea, Sweden, there is a very strong bike culture, in spite of the weather. It is very different from the bike culture I’m used to in Melbourne of $10,000 road bikes straining under fat weekend warriors and fixies leaning against every cafe entrance from Sydney Rd to Hampton St (I may be guilty of contributing to that one).  Here in Umea the bikes are easy to ride practical, unbreakable, classic in style and ready to be sold on for the next group of students to come through.  That’s not to say there’s no style, quite the opposite, but style can be found in ex-military bikes, old ‘flying pigeon’ machines and a huge number of old and new ‘Crescent’ bikes, a proudly Swedish brand that seems to have produced most of the bikes here and still proudly display’s their world cup colours earned back in the 70’s by some Swedish brothers that took world champ colours on their bikes.  So that brings me to my new (old) steed, it’s a Crescent and that about all I know! It has been very well loved over it’s life and I actually picked it up from a kind of bike salvo’s where the money from the bike goes to fixing more and to a soup kitchen type set up which I thought was really cool.  I’ll let the pics show you the rest but I’m planning on documenting more of these old classic style bikes as I come across them in the city.

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